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So nützen #Innovationen allen. Unter anderem auch ein Vorteil von #OpenSourceSoftware !Volvo invented the three-point seatbelt and gave the patent away to save livesNils Bohlin, an engineer at Volvo, invented the three-point seat belt in 1959. The 1950s were a time when pilots and racing drivers wore harnesses, but seatbelts – where they were fitted in cars – took the form of a rudimentary two-point waist restraint. In crashes, sometimes these did more harm than good.The reason the three-point seatbelt is so widely adopted is actually because Volvo opened up the patent so that any car manufacturer could use it in their design. They decided that the invention was so significant, it had more value as a free life saving tool than something to profit from.Photo: Nils Bohlin, inventor of the three-point seatbelt ... See MoreSee Less
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